Monday, 17 October 2011


Everyone talks about loosing weight, what about those who want to put some on?

Rant: Argh, Okay who wants to join me whilst I scream ?! I feel like I am the only girl in the world who is trying to put on weight. Like seriously, where ever I look it is all about loosing weight, be it tips or testimonies. Erm hello, what about the rest of us please? I am 5'5.5 and a size 8.... I WANT TO BE A FULL SIZE 10 DAMMIT ! I mean, a few curves is all a girl is asking for. I know I should not feel pressured to or anything, but this is just a personal goal that I want to fulfill.
My Plan: Anyways, I have decided to put forward a food diary which consists of me consuming 2,000 calories a day. I am aware that any form of "dieting" should incorporate exercise into this, so needless to say, exercise will become a part of my daily routine also. Hopefully, this will work and I will actually have the will power to stick to this. So, I am going to be updating you all weekly on how my journey is going. 
This post will be edited shortly, with full length pictures of how I look now and information of my exact measurements and weight. 

Blog you all later... I have to go and watch Kim Kardashians fairytale wedding ! 

CC xx 


  1. What I would do to be my size 8 again! lol I'm 5'7 and a size 10 I HATE IT!!! I've always been small 6/8 and this 10 is doing to much for me. My clothes don't fit I'm miserable. I do find myself admiring the weight gain sometimes, that is until I reach for something in my closet and it doesn't fit. then I'm depressed again.

  2. i have seen a few post's like this, don't worry! A lot of people think the same thing. Including me :) x

  3. @simply_sensual: :-o are you for real girl? A size 10 is perfect in my eyes for your height. Forget about the old clothes that don't fit & imagine how many other sexy ones are there that you can now fill out ;-) EMBRACE IT SWEETNESS!

    @Kia: Phew, I thought I was alone with this. Lol, women are never happy aye ! xx

  4. nope, I "worked" to gain weight a couple of years ago. I got tired of people telling me I was too skinny...big mistake.

    now I have these extra lbs and no longer want them. as hard as it is to gain weight, it's harder to lose it (for me anyway)

  5. @Galaxia: Actually, That is a fear I have in the back of my mind. But I would rather be healthy looking than too skinny, right ?
    Thanks for your comment ! xx

  6. I tried to get bigger a few years ago but for me it worked , but probably just because I got older. Try do weights for exercise.. that will help you get bigger :)

  7. Luckily I can steal my bf's weights lol. Thanks for the advice. xx

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was the ONLY person trying to GAIN weight! You have no idea, how many times I say it to people and they ask me if I'm crazy lol. For me it takes a lot because I'm not big on food to begin with so I have to force myself to eat. I try to eat every 2 or 3hrs. Good luck chica and you are definitely not alone!

  9. @Stiletto Minded: Your comment really made me smile. Thank God I am not alone. Totally feel you, but it is all about will power and determination girl ! Good luck to you too, let me know how you get on xx

  10. Helloo, thanks for following. I really like your blog, your videos are great.

    I love this post, I was at this point once but i went about it the wrong way. I ate too much junk food, mcdonalds, and i gained weight fast but a lot of it went to my stomach and it was not pretty. So then i had to lose some weight, To get those curvy hips its good you do squats with some 3-5 pound weights, the results of that were my favorite part LOL. I hope this helps!
    Cant wait to the pics of your progress!

    btw decided to follow =]
    -xmissbianca <3

  11. @missbianca Thank you, I really like your blog too & thanks a lot for the advice lol, I will deffo be giving regular updates about the trials and tribulations of this weight gain regime! xx