Monday, 31 October 2011


So I used to be but I  have decided to change my blog name to 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Outline: So recently I have been getting a lot of questions on twitter and tumblr regarding how I create my outward curl look so I made a quick video for anyone who happens to be interested. Now, because of the fact that I wanted to wear my hair straight on this day, I did not curl all of my head but hopefully you all still get the concept lol.
Also note, that before I started curling my hair, I sprayed it with TRESemme heat defence.
I absolutely love reading/watching hair tutorials so if anyone has any on their blog feel free to leave your blog link down below so I can check it out.

Btw so sorry for the quality of the camera, I left my usual one in London =[
(Look out for my review of my Remington pearl curling wand). 
Enjoy !!
Hair Info: Brazailian Straight. 20" x2, 16" x3 and 14"x1(approx. 400grams).
Items Used: Remington pearl curling wand, TRESemme heat defence spray, toni and guy paddle brush. 

CC xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Any one who knows me will know how into feathers I am these days !

Monday, 17 October 2011


Everyone talks about loosing weight, what about those who want to put some on?

Rant: Argh, Okay who wants to join me whilst I scream ?! I feel like I am the only girl in the world who is trying to put on weight. Like seriously, where ever I look it is all about loosing weight, be it tips or testimonies. Erm hello, what about the rest of us please? I am 5'5.5 and a size 8.... I WANT TO BE A FULL SIZE 10 DAMMIT ! I mean, a few curves is all a girl is asking for. I know I should not feel pressured to or anything, but this is just a personal goal that I want to fulfill.
My Plan: Anyways, I have decided to put forward a food diary which consists of me consuming 2,000 calories a day. I am aware that any form of "dieting" should incorporate exercise into this, so needless to say, exercise will become a part of my daily routine also. Hopefully, this will work and I will actually have the will power to stick to this. So, I am going to be updating you all weekly on how my journey is going. 
This post will be edited shortly, with full length pictures of how I look now and information of my exact measurements and weight. 

Blog you all later... I have to go and watch Kim Kardashians fairytale wedding ! 

CC xx 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


PRICE : £18.00
Basic: Last week I went into MAC looking for a concealer but came out with their primer. Now, my skin type is dry   /normal so it has been a challenge to find a primer that is not made with the aim of combating oily skin types. By mere chance I decided to test this out in the store and loved dramatic improvement of the lay down of my foundation (MAC Studio tech).
The texture of the product is creamy however it is not runny unlike other primers. It is white in colour has a shimmer although when actually applied to the face it the shimmer is not apparent. 
My take on product: Personally, I have found that when I use this product my face possesses a glow. Secondly, I noticed that my make up tends to last longer than before. Finally, I love the fact that it does not have a strong fragrance. The only thing I am not too crazy about is the price! 
For the best possible result: it is usually advised that one uses this product after putting on a mosturiser but before the application of foundation. This is so that a smooth but firm base is created so that the foundation can be applied on flawlessly. 
CC xx


HAIR STYLE : curly weave. 
The Summer of 2010 (yes last year) saw me try out something different. I decided to ditch the usual hairstyle and try out curls. In order to achieve this hair style. I used curly weave (If any one wants to know the name let  me know) for about 7/8th of my head and for the front the track of weave was simply cut off and the remainder of the hair was plaited the same way as normal extensions.
When I first got the hair installed, I near enough hated it as I felt that the curls were too much. However, as time went on and the hair settled, the curls became looser & I warmed to the style. With regards to tangling and shedding, there was not much at all and if there is you can always chop off certain areas without dramatically changing the hair style.
Would deffo try it out again!
CC xx


Hey beautiful people !
Welcome to my blog. I am not new to the world of blogging (I already have tumblr)  however, I guess you guys could call me a "fresher" to this site.
I blog to express not to impress so ya'll please get ready to digest my ish.
Follow me & I will follow back
Biggest love.
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