Wednesday, 12 October 2011


HAIR STYLE : curly weave. 
The Summer of 2010 (yes last year) saw me try out something different. I decided to ditch the usual hairstyle and try out curls. In order to achieve this hair style. I used curly weave (If any one wants to know the name let  me know) for about 7/8th of my head and for the front the track of weave was simply cut off and the remainder of the hair was plaited the same way as normal extensions.
When I first got the hair installed, I near enough hated it as I felt that the curls were too much. However, as time went on and the hair settled, the curls became looser & I warmed to the style. With regards to tangling and shedding, there was not much at all and if there is you can always chop off certain areas without dramatically changing the hair style.
Would deffo try it out again!
CC xx