Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Outline: So recently I have been getting a lot of questions on twitter and tumblr regarding how I create my outward curl look so I made a quick video for anyone who happens to be interested. Now, because of the fact that I wanted to wear my hair straight on this day, I did not curl all of my head but hopefully you all still get the concept lol.
Also note, that before I started curling my hair, I sprayed it with TRESemme heat defence.
I absolutely love reading/watching hair tutorials so if anyone has any on their blog feel free to leave your blog link down below so I can check it out.

Btw so sorry for the quality of the camera, I left my usual one in London =[
(Look out for my review of my Remington pearl curling wand). 
Enjoy !!
Hair Info: Brazailian Straight. 20" x2, 16" x3 and 14"x1(approx. 400grams).
Items Used: Remington pearl curling wand, TRESemme heat defence spray, toni and guy paddle brush. 

CC xx


  1. Love the tutorial :) Cant wait to see yours with the curling wand, I bought it but still have not used it yet! lol

    Also, Now following!!


  2. Thank you hun, yay you are going to love it. Be careful not to burn yourself though lool
    Will check your blog out now x x x

  3. Youre so beautiful and stunning! I miss my days of long hair (well extensions rather Lol) Im going natural so Im trying to stick with it (lord knows I cant stick to anything).

  4. Thank you so much sweets ! aw, soon you will not even need the extensions lol [natural hair is deffo the way forward] x