Monday, 27 February 2012


Mission imPOSSIBLE. 

So as you may or may not know. I am on a mission to get THEE summer body for 2012 and to do this I need to put on weight! It took ages trying to find an iPhone app that is dedicated to those who wish to gain weight as most of them cater to those who wish to lose weight or those who want to gain weight in pure muscle. However, after searching I found two and made it work for me.   I've been using an iPhone app called 'My Fitness Pal' in conjunction with 'iGoalInformer'.
Essentially, I aim to put on 1/2 a stone a week and to do that I need to consume 2020 calories a day. I have to say it takes so much will power for me to eat when I am not hungry lol
I'll give you a quick example of my daily food diary below (for anyone that is interested!) and I will also update this post with my starting measurements .. so you can see how I have progressed. Who else is trying to achieve a goal for summer ?? Let me know :)

Food Diary 27th Feb 2012.
Breakfast: 3 Richmond Thick pork sausages, 2 Unsmoked streaky bacon rashers, half a tin of baked beans, scrambled eggs and orange juice.
Lunch: Fried rice and meat with Ribena.
Dinner: Jollof rice, chicken (drumstick and thigh). Orange juice.
Snacks: 1/2 pint of full fat milk, Jollof rice, Chicken breast, Vanilla Milkshake.