Wednesday, 12 October 2011


PRICE : £18.00
Basic: Last week I went into MAC looking for a concealer but came out with their primer. Now, my skin type is dry   /normal so it has been a challenge to find a primer that is not made with the aim of combating oily skin types. By mere chance I decided to test this out in the store and loved dramatic improvement of the lay down of my foundation (MAC Studio tech).
The texture of the product is creamy however it is not runny unlike other primers. It is white in colour has a shimmer although when actually applied to the face it the shimmer is not apparent. 
My take on product: Personally, I have found that when I use this product my face possesses a glow. Secondly, I noticed that my make up tends to last longer than before. Finally, I love the fact that it does not have a strong fragrance. The only thing I am not too crazy about is the price! 
For the best possible result: it is usually advised that one uses this product after putting on a mosturiser but before the application of foundation. This is so that a smooth but firm base is created so that the foundation can be applied on flawlessly. 
CC xx


  1. Only one more reason why I wish I lived in a country with more choice. :( - Thanks for coming over. I love you new blog.