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Those of you who follow my blog on tumblr will have already seen this post, but since the response to that was so crazy I thought i'd post it on here also. I know I have way more followers on tumblr however I can't forget about my blogspot family :)
DISCLAIMER: I  do not wok for this company. 


A few weeks ago, on a wim I got the chance to sample a free bottle of Argan Oil by a company called A-Star. Now as you may or may not know, I am always trying out new things so I thought why not - only this time the whole concept of Argan Oil was not exactly new to me because I had already used the Organix one from Boots on my Malaysian hair I got. Again, those of you that have been following me since the beginning on tumblr will know how brutally honest I can be when reviewing products that have been sent to me.  Now I must note that when this was sent to me, it was not intended to be reviewed but after using it I just felt to do a review anyway!

So as promised... the Argan Oil was delivered to me and I was instantly impressed by the bottle it came in. Compared to the one I got from work (Boots which retails for approx £6) The A-Star argan oil appears to have way more class!
Instead of the plastic squeezy bottle that the organix one is packaged in. The A-star argan oil is contained in a Dark brown translucent 100ml glass bottle accompanied with a pump. 
Pros: One will be able to see when they are running out of the product. The pump also means that you are less likely to waste the oil as you can control how much you would like. 

Usually I use argan oil as a hair serum on any high quality weave I may have in ie. Malaysian, Indian, Perivuan etc. but at the time I received this oil I had in weave by sleek so I decided to test out this product on my natural hair (not processed in any way - straight afro carribean hair) after I had washed it whilst it was still damp by applying a small amount and distributing it evenly through my hair. It has a light aroma that smells awesome and lingers in the hair lightly for days.I could instantly notice the difference that it made. It made my hair feel soft and easier to handle in terms of detangling and blowdrying. Once my hair had been blowdryed it felt smooth and had a natural shine to it without the oily residue that you may get from using other products.. 

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